Monday, June 4, 2007

Water, water everywhere

The first inkling I heard of it when I met my colleague S. in the lift. Apparently there'd been a flood overnight in the office cellars and some of our files were soaked. I commiserated politely but had no idea of the misery that was to come. But at 2pm we all received an email saying that the water would be turned off to try and mend the leak. At 2.30pm, some overdressed young men from Vivaqua came and started drilling in the street outside, leaving us all with the impression that a giant dentist was working away at an exceptionally torturous cavity.

Nature calls to everyone sooner or later, and without water, our lovely clean facilities would become extremely unpleasant places to be. However my assessment of the events is that the majority of my colleagues decided to delay the inevitable somewhat rather than face the ignominy, however anonymous, of being the one who fouled the facilities. As the afternoon wore on, faces became somewhat tight, concentration dropped and conversations were conducted in a light, rapid manner. Nobody seemed to want to leave their desks.

At 5.30pm precisely, instead of the usual leisurely multicultural exodus which may end well towards 8pm, a somewhat cross-legged stampede streaked out of the office in the direction either of home bathrooms or the nearest acceptable pub conveniences.

I do hope the water's back on tomorrow...

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