Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wedding party

I went to a fabulous wedding party last night. It was held in the Palais des Colonies, and my Indian colleague was celebrating the marriage of his strapping, focused son to a beautiful charming young Mauritian lady. The food was fantastic. The saris were glittering. The company was scintillatingly high-flown and cosmopolitan. I wore a fabulous halterneck chocolate brown silk floor-length frock and felt appropriately elegant. It was a delightful evening of the sort I hope you all get to have often, and all I can say is, Indian grandmothers ROCK, I hope I'll be dancing to bhangra in a jewelled sari at sixty-five.

I am very stiff now. And so tired I'm buzzing. I wish the blogmeet and the wedding had happened on two different weekends. Ah well, needs must where the party devil drives.

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