Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A beautiful thing

I'm back in Brussels now, and like anyone getting over a bereavement, I'm a bit emotionally susceptible at the moment.

Which is perhaps why I noticed something beautiful today.

I was walking under the European Commission's main HQ, the Berlaymont building, and under its wing near the metro entrance, there was a Moslem couple, girl in headscarf, kissing lengthily and very sweetly, in public. He was holding her in a very respectful, loving way, like a Disney prince planting his first kiss on the princess in the tower, like she was the most fragile and precious of flowers. And above, the Berlaymont's massive powerful bulk sheltered them and their most absolute right to be kissing in public if they want to.

I'd have taken a photo, but it would have been intrusive.

I mentioned it when I got back to the office, and discovered that they'd brightened the day of several other colleagues as well.

Even at the darkest of times, there's so much beauty and hope in the world.

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